• The We and the I (2012) Cast & Crew

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  • Jonathan  Ortiz
    Jonathan Ortiz as Jonathan
  • Jonathan Scott Worrell
    Jonathan Scott Worrell as Big T
  • Alex Raul Barrios
    Alex Raul Barrios as Alex
  • Laidychen  Carrasco
    Laidychen Carrasco as Laidychen
  • Chenkon  Carrasco
    Chenkon Carrasco as Chen
  • Jacob  Carrasco
    Jacob Carrasco as Jacobchen
  • Konchen  Carrasco
    Konchen Carrasco as Kon
  • Raymond  Rios
    Raymond Rios as Big Raymond
  • Kenneth  Quinones
    Kenneth Quinones as Kenny
  • Amanda  Mercado
    Amanda Mercado as Amy