• War of the Buttons (1994) Cast & Crew

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  • Eveanna  Ryan
    Eveanna Ryan as Marie
  • Paul  Batt
    Paul Batt as Gorilla
  • Thomas  Kavanagh
    Thomas Kavanagh as Riley
  • Johnny  Murphy
    Johnny Murphy as Jonjo
  • Brendan  McNamara
    Brendan McNamara as Tim
  • Gerard  Kearney
    Gerard Kearney as Big Con
  • Kevin  O'Malley
    Kevin O'Malley as Fishy
  • Anthony  Cunningham
    Anthony Cunningham as Little Con
  • John  Cleere
    John Cleere as Peter
  • Daragh  Naughton
    Daragh Naughton as Boffin
  • John  Crowley
    John Crowley as Pat
  • Stuart  Danell-Foran
    Stuart Danell-Foran as Tich
  • Karl  Byrne
    Karl Byrne as Mickey Moon
  • Barry  Walsh
    Barry Walsh as Willie
  • Derek  O'Leary
    Derek O'Leary as Brendan
  • Niall  Collins
    Niall Collins as Chick