Singing Cowboy Movies

Rustlers' Rhapsody Poster
Rustlers' Rhapsody May 10, 1985
Riders of Destiny Poster
Riders of Destiny October 10, 1933
Sunset Serenade Poster
Sunset Serenade September 14, 1942
Billy The Kid Returns Poster
Billy The Kid Returns September 4, 1938
Texas Tom Poster
Texas Tom March 11, 1950
Under Western Stars Poster
Under Western Stars April 20, 1938
Shine On Harvest Moon Poster
Shine On Harvest Moon December 30, 1938
In Old Cheyenne Poster
In Old Cheyenne April 4, 1941
Son of God’s Country Poster
Son of God’s Country September 15, 1948
Southward Ho Poster
Southward Ho March 19, 1939
Red River Valley Poster
Red River Valley December 12, 1941
Dodge City Trail Poster
Dodge City Trail December 12, 1936
Frontier Pony Express Poster
Frontier Pony Express April 11, 1939
On Top of Old Smoky Poster
On Top of Old Smoky March 25, 1953
The Golden Stallion Poster
The Golden Stallion November 15, 1949
The Bronze Buckaroo Poster
The Bronze Buckaroo January 1, 1939
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Poster
Tumbling Tumbleweeds September 5, 1935
Moonlight on the Prairie Poster
Moonlight on the Prairie November 2, 1935
Call of the Canyon Poster
Call of the Canyon August 17, 1942
The Old Barn Dance Poster
The Old Barn Dance January 29, 1938
Ridin' on a Rainbow Poster
Ridin' on a Rainbow January 24, 1941
The Old Corral Poster
The Old Corral December 21, 1936
Code of the Fearless Poster
Code of the Fearless January 5, 1939
Riders in the Sky Poster
Riders in the Sky November 29, 1949
Six-Gun Gold Poster
Six-Gun Gold August 8, 1941
Toughest Man in Arizona Poster
Toughest Man in Arizona October 10, 1952
Hills of Utah Poster
Hills of Utah September 30, 1951
Roll on Texas Moon Poster
Roll on Texas Moon September 12, 1946
Slim Carter Poster
Slim Carter November 1, 1957
Along the Navajo Trail Poster
Along the Navajo Trail September 15, 1945
Carolina Moon Poster
Carolina Moon July 14, 1940
Black Hills Poster
Black Hills October 26, 1947
Texas to Bataan Poster
Texas to Bataan October 16, 1942
The Last Musketeer Poster
The Last Musketeer March 1, 1952
Prairie Gunsmoke Poster
Prairie Gunsmoke July 16, 1942
Wild Country Poster
Wild Country January 17, 1947
The Old West Poster
The Old West September 29, 1952
Saga of Death Valley Poster
Saga of Death Valley November 17, 1939
Night Time in Nevada Poster
Night Time in Nevada September 5, 1948
Man from Music Mountain Poster
Man from Music Mountain October 30, 1943
Public Cowboy No. 1 Poster
Public Cowboy No. 1 June 11, 1937
Rock River Renegades Poster
Rock River Renegades February 27, 1942