Smosh is bigger than Rihanna, One Direction and Katy Perry ... at least on YouTube.

And the proof is in the numbers: Digital sensations Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox - the duo behind Smosh, the comedic YouTube channel - are ranked fourth worldwide with more than 20 million subscribers. To compare, the boldface name pop stars mentioned above each have 16 million subscribers.

Since 2005 the boys have been sharing parody sketches, lip synch bits and other #LOL yuks that have won them devotees among the iPhone generation. And this week they debut heir first full-length feature film, "Smosh: The Movie," available via iTunes and Vimeo to download.

Check out the best of the Smosh dudes:

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1. Serving "Beef" for their first course.
Dating to 2008, the Smosh boys got more than 101 million clicks for their comical "Beef ‘n Go" video for the everyday meat lover. Using photos of everyone from Barack Obama, to Tom Cruise, the duo sure knew how to sell a tube of beef in this silly fauxmerical.

2. It's all fun and games.
Smosh boys or Assassin’s Creed characters? That is to be determined in the duo’s funny play on the popular historical action-adventure video game.

3. Rapper's delight.
Clearly the guys’ love for video games has helped their career along nicely. Their "Legend of Zelda Rap" video got a whopping 58 million views. And after one look at them goofily running through a field, screaming at villain Ganondorf and trying to save the princess, it’s easy to see why this clip was such a success.

4. The wizardry of Smosh.

Can’t get enough of Harry Potter? Fear not! The Smosh boys are here to bring you these so-called “deleted scenes.” Dressed as the film’s various famed characters, the duo will have you in stitches as they joke about limp wands and the pronunciation of Hermione.

5. Gotta catch them all on YouTube.
Have you ever wanted to know what Pokemon would be like away from your video game screen? Leave it the Smosh guys to bring the characters - and battles - to real life in their in-person reenactment of the successful franchise’s scenarios.

Smosh: The Movie

PG-131 hr 27 minJul 23rd, 2015