It's not as if a "Star Wars" toy lightsaber is going to power-up itself.

To the rescue comes Duracell batteries and its new Quantum line that features a red-tipped body and a pitchman in C-3PO, whose formerly gold arm matches the hue in a new commercial released Friday.

It's noted in a caption that it's a "fantasy sequence"--an indicator that C-3PO is likely rocking red only to sell batteries for the commercial, not for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The tie-in to the hotly anticipated flick, which hits theaters on Dec. 18, shows an imaginative boy powering his lightsaber with the red Quantum Duracell battery as he battles stormtroopers in the hallway of his family home.

His parents assemble Christmas Day "Star Wars" toys from the safety of the living room. Toys that require Quantum Duracell batteries, of course. Determined to rescue his younger sister from evildoers, he finds a powerful Jedi in the youngster, who impressively fends off villains on her own.

In a J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Wars" universe, girls can be Jedis too.

The ad spot loosely pays a nod to the forthcoming "Force Awakens" installment, which has a fighter--not a damsel in distress--in actress Daisy Ridley as Rey alongside John Boyega's galactic savior Finn.