Take that, Beyonce.

Earlier tonight Netflix debuted the trailer for "The Cloverfield Paradox," the latest film in the loosely-connected J.J. Abrams-produced genre series that began with "Cloverfield" (celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!) and continued with the superb, wholly underrated "10 Cloverfield Lane" in 2016. Previously, the film was scheduled to be released this month and was later it was bumped back to April 20th. This was back when Paramount was putting the movie out. Now Netflix has taken over the distribution and instead it'll be coming out tonight, right after the Super Bowl.

Just remember to tape "This Is Us."

This is a huge move for the streamer and for the sci-fi film, which stars Alias"), so for Netflix to say, loud and clear, "turn your TV off and watch your streaming service" is bold as hell. It's also super cool.