Small-screen dreams! Greta Gerwig has starred in many movies, including the upcoming "Mistress America," which she also co-wrote, but her real quest is to have a role on "Law and Order."

She's auditioned three times and has never been cast.

"They said I sounded like I was making fun of the material," she tells Seth Meyer on "Late Night" on Tuesday. "I said there is no one who takes this more seriously than me. I am your person."

Grerwig even has her dream role picked out.

"At the beginning, when they find the body, I want to be the people doing an unrelated thing," she explains, indicating that she wants to be a character who discovers a dead body. "Maybe you see them, when the medics are there, holding themselves in blankets because they're traumatized by what they saw."

She's also a connoisseur of the show's music.

"I've seen every incarnation of 'Law and Order' and I really curate all the different iterations of the theme song because every time they make a spin-off, the theme song gets crazier," she says. "It's the same basic song, but by the time they did 'Law and Order L.A.' it was like French horn and trumpets. It was really exciting."

"Mistress America" will be in theaters Aug. 14.

Mistress America

"From Strangers to Sisters."
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