It wasn't hard for directors Daniel Juge and Kief Davidson to convince some famous faces to give their documentary "Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary" a boost of star power.

LEGO estimates, on average, every person owns 102 LEGO bricks around the world. And Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, NBA star Dwight Howard and “South Park” creator Trey Parker are among that set.

All three famous faces are among the personalities featured, looking giddy amid colorful bricks and speaking with breathless enthusiasm about LEGO’s lure. “With LEGO, as soon as they (Sheeran, Howard and Parker) heard that word, they were in,” Junge says, adding, “That just speaks to the power of this brand and this culture.”

That Sheeran is such a fan, the musician paid a nod to the toy with his 2011 hit “Lego House.” So getting the British star to appear in the “Brickumentary” was no hard task.

“I was able to catch up with him while he was on tour,” Junge explains. “He, like so many other people, was more than willing to talk about his love of LEGO.”

He continues: “During our research there was a handful of notable LEGO fans that came to the surface, and we knew from the start that we wanted to do Ed, Dwight Howard and Trey Parker because they’re all notable famous people but they all come from incredibly different backgrounds and are famous for different reasons, but share this love of LEGO.”

"Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary" hits theaters on Friday. Watch the trailer below.

A LEGO Brickumentary

"If you thought you knew the world of Lego, YOU DON'T KNOW BRICK!"
G1 hr 33 minApr 20th, 2014