Best known for "The Notebook," romance in Nicholas Sparks' novels often manifests as complicated, shaky, inconvenient and flaring. But it is that unique formula--the blueprints to a love story--that has made him one of the most successful book-to-big-screen authors today.

“Romantic elements are only one part of a novel like this,” Sparks says of his latest book-turned-movie "The Choice" while at a special screening in Los Angeles on Feb. 1. “A lot of times you’re dealing with all of the emotions of life, so you try to cover everything.”

Adding, "You sit down and you try to write a story that you like."

“The Choice,” adapted from the scribe's 2007 book, tells the story of an unlikely romance between ladies’ man Travis Shaw (Ben Walker) and fiery medical student Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer), who already has a boyfriend. As new neighbors, they are initially at odds—but soon find that opposites attract.

The Choice

"Let your heart decide."
PG-131 hr 51 minFeb 5th, 2016