Is Jake Gyllenhaal really a northpaw?

The actor is, in fact, right-handed, which turned out to be a good thing, since his character is too in "Southpaw." Both had to learn to fight as lefties, and by the end of his grueling training and strict dieting for the role, Gyllenhaal felt -- and looked -- like a real boxer.

"It's such a crazy job that I want to learn about what's happening in the real world," he told Jon Stewart on Wednesday on "The Daily Show, "and so you play a boxer, I want to learn how to box."

"Did you ever get used to the feeling of somebody punching you?" asked Stewart.

"No, you don't really," he said, adding, "We can try it out if you want. And you can tell me if you ever get used to it."

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Stewart jokingly compared himself to Floyd Mayweather, arguably the most known boxer in the world, and demonstrated by bobbing and weaving his head.

"That," said Gyllenhaal, "looks nothing like Mayweather."


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