CBS unveiled a "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 trailer at New York Comic Con over the weekend, and although there was a lot to take in, one aspect particularly stood out to Trekkies: Spock's facial hair.

Ethan Peck joined the show leading up to the second season. Given that he's portraying on a younger version of the iconic character that Leonard Nimoy originated, fans were bound to react strongly to their first look at him in the role. The fact that young Spock has a beard, however, seems to have ratcheted up their reaction several notches.

You can see Spock in the trailer below, around the 2:04-mark.

His appearance is brief, but that didn't keep fans from having a lot of feelings. Some of them were pretty skeptical of Spock's beard, as you'll see in their tweets.

We shouldn't be surprised. Facial hair can be controversial, as we saw with Henry Cavill's infamous mustache and CGI-erasing incident. We'll see how people adjust -- or if they do -- to Spock's when "Star Trek: Discovery" returns.

Season 2 premieres on CBS All Access on Jan. 17.