UPDATE: It was just announced during Comic-Con 2015 that "Fear The Walking Dead" will premiere Sunday, August 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Season 1 will be six episodes, so this will lead up to the Sunday, October 11 premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 6.

Original story:

"The Walking Dead," will launch the six episodes of Season 1 this August.

It's always nice when The Powers That Be do what makes the most sense, and this timing makes sense. Season 6 of the main "Walking Dead" show will premiere in October, so August is a fitting start for "Fear," to lead into the mother show. AMC has yet to announce specific premiere dates for either "Fear" Season 1 or "Walking Dead" Season 6 (guessing Sunday, October 11 for the Season 6 premiere), but Robert Kirkman -- who executive produces both shows -- dropped the August confirmation into a "Fear" Q&A with Fangoria.

Kirkman noted that "Fear" is being shot digitally, not on film, so it will have a different look from the main show. He also said the L.A.-set "Fear," which is set at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, will have "more chaos" and be "more hectic" in its first season and moving into Season 2 than the first season of "The Walking Dead." Fangoria asked about the potential for a limited event series in another part of the "Walking Dead" universe, and that's when Kirkman talked about the August premiere and potential for more series:

There's always a possibility for [a limited event spin-off], and I certainly wouldn't rule it out even though I can say there are no current plans to do that. I think everyone is working hard on 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' to make them the best series they can be, and I think everyone's happy with their work since we're all doing our jobs. I'm really excited for 'Fear the Walking Dead' to debut in August and for people to see just what we've done, but we're not in a hurry to continue expanding the world of 'The Walking Dead.'

It's important to note that AMC and the producers didn't rush to capitalize on the success of 'The Walking Dead' until we were going towards our sixth season. We're not going to be focused on too many different things right now. So let's see how 'Fear the Walking Dead' goes first and then we'll have nine spin-offs, and that'll be great."

We're very curious to see how "Fear" looks -- and also see how well it does in the ratings. TWD was a hit out of the gate and it keeps building steam each season. Will "Fear" do the same? Are you excited for this August premiere or will you wait to see what fans and critics say before deciding to invest your time?

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