Of all the romantic comedies that debuted on TV last year (remember "A to Z"? "Marry Me"? "Selfie"? Didn't think so), one managed to actually be funny and make it through the treacherous cancellation waters. That was "You're the Worst."

FXX just released a new trailer for season 2, which proves "You're the Worst" is still the best. Terrible-but-awesome couple Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) are now living together, though they still are going to try not to be "disgusting normals."
"Keep it awesome for as long as you can, for all of us who let love die by becoming ordinary," pleads Gretchen's friend Lindsay (Kether Donohue).

Becoming ordinary doesn't seem like something Jimmy and Gretchen could ever do, and the trailer shows us glimpses of how messed up both of them still are (Jimmy wakes up in his underwear on a Google Maps-type car, both are drinking heavily, etc).

"You're the Worst" season 2 premieres Sept. 9 on FXX.

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