The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991 - 1995)

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Ren and Stimpy are a mismatch made in animation heaven with nothing in common but a life-long friendship and an incredible knack for getting into trouble. Join them in their bizarre and gross world for some outlandish situations coupled with hilarious jokes.
DirectorsBob CampRon HughartBill Wray
WritersRichard PurselBill WrayBob Camp

All Seasons

Season 5

Season 5

Jun 3, 1995
Season 4

Season 4

Oct 1, 1994
Season 3

Season 3

Nov 20, 1993
Season 2

Season 2

Aug 15, 1992

TV Show Details

Air Date:August 11th, 1991

Last Air Date:December 16th, 1995

Original Language:English
Production Companies:Games Animation, Spümcø, Nickelodeon Productions