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  • Sam Raimi

    Born on October 23, 1959 in Royal Oak, Michigan

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Here's the Groovy First Teaser for Starz's 'Ash vs Evil Dead' (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Apr 2nd 2015, 12:30PM

Apr 2nd 2015, 12:30PM

Sam Raimi Talks 'Spider-Man 3' Mistakes on Nerdist Podcast

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Dec 31st 2014, 4:50AM

Dec 31st 2014, 4:50AM

On TV, No Idea Ever Truly Dies

Posted by
Gary Susman on Nov 14th 2014, 8:35AM

Nov 14th 2014, 8:35AM

Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi Resurrect 'Evil Dead' for Starz Series

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Nov 10th 2014, 12:00PM

Nov 10th 2014, 12:00PM

9 Directors Who've Remade Their Own Movies

Posted by
Jonny Black on May 30th 2014, 1:00PM

May 30th 2014, 1:00PM

Hugh Jackman: Wolverine Nearly Made a 'Spider-Man' Cameo

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Sep 10th 2013, 4:30PM

Sep 10th 2013, 4:30PM

'The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4': Six Things to Expect From the Spidey Sequels

Posted by
Erin Whitney on Jun 18th 2013, 5:00AM

Jun 18th 2013, 5:00AM

The good news/bad news about Oz: The Great and Powerful's complicated gender issues...

Posted by
Scott Mendelson on Mar 11th 2013, 11:04AM

Mar 11th 2013, 11:04AM

Box Office: How Did 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Succeed Where 'Jack the Giant Slayer' Failed?

Posted by
Gary Susman on Mar 10th 2013, 10:43AM

Mar 10th 2013, 10:43AM

Review: Risk-taking James Franco's Risk-free Oz

Posted by
Caryn James on Mar 6th 2013, 9:45AM

Mar 6th 2013, 9:45AM

'Oz the Great and Powerful' Premiere: James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams Invade Moscow (PHOTOS)

Posted by
Tim Hayne on Feb 28th 2013, 5:34AM

Feb 28th 2013, 5:34AM

'Oz: The Great And Powerful' Trailer: Comic-Con Debuts Sam Raimi Film (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jessie Heyman on Jul 12th 2012, 4:21PM

Jul 12th 2012, 4:21PM

25 Things You May Not Know About 'The Evil Dead'

Posted by
Gary Susman on Oct 14th 2011, 2:50PM

Oct 14th 2011, 2:50PM

Bruce Campbell Tweets: 'I Am in 'Oz''

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Aug 5th 2011, 3:00PM

Aug 5th 2011, 3:00PM

Shooting Begins on 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Jul 26th 2011, 11:00AM

Jul 26th 2011, 11:00AM

Diablo Cody Takes on 'Evil Dead'

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on Jul 14th 2011, 5:00AM

Jul 14th 2011, 5:00AM

Sam Raimi Will NOT Be Directing the 'Evil Dead' Remake

Posted by
Aiden Redmond on Jul 13th 2011, 9:00AM

Jul 13th 2011, 9:00AM

'The Evil Dead' Remake Confirmed by Bruce Cambell and His Twitter Account

Posted by
Aiden Redmond on Jul 12th 2011, 7:30AM

Jul 12th 2011, 7:30AM

Tim Burton, Sam Raimi Being Considered for 'Pirates 5'

Posted by
Moviefone Staff on Jun 2nd 2011, 9:00AM

Jun 2nd 2011, 9:00AM

'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Gets a Release Date

Posted by
John Mitchell on May 25th 2011, 11:45AM

May 25th 2011, 11:45AM

'Frankenstein' Gets the Highbrow Treatment With Several Films in the Works

Posted by
John Mitchell on May 24th 2011, 10:00AM

May 24th 2011, 10:00AM

Disney Taps Michelle Williams for the Good Witch in 'Oz'

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on May 18th 2011, 4:30AM

May 18th 2011, 4:30AM

Rachel Weisz Gets Witchy Role in 'Oz' Prequel

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on May 3rd 2011, 6:45PM

May 3rd 2011, 6:45PM

Exclusive: Pair of R.L. Stine Adaptations Race to the Big Screen

Posted by
John Mitchell on Apr 28th 2011, 10:30AM

Apr 28th 2011, 10:30AM

Johnny Depp May Take Over for Downey Jr. in 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel

Posted by
Peter Martin on Jan 20th 2011, 6:20AM

Jan 20th 2011, 6:20AM

Sam Raimi to Remake Movie About Blind People Being Attacked by Plants

Posted by
David Ehrlich on Oct 21st 2010, 9:43AM

Oct 21st 2010, 9:43AM

'Wizard of Oz' Prequel to Add Sex, Betrayal and More Evil Witches

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Oct 15th 2010, 8:20AM

Oct 15th 2010, 8:20AM

Sam Raimi Will Direct 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel with Robert Downey Jr.

Posted by
Brad Trechak on Oct 6th 2010, 1:51PM

Oct 6th 2010, 1:51PM

Sam Raimi Joining Alien Invasion Fray -- Are We Feeling Alien Fatigue Yet?

Posted by
Eugene Novikov on Sep 30th 2010, 9:49AM

Sep 30th 2010, 9:49AM

Zack Snyder and 7 Other Directors Who Strayed From Their Genres

Posted by
Eric Larnick on Sep 24th 2010, 12:00PM

Sep 24th 2010, 12:00PM

Cinematical Movie Club: The Evil Dead

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Sep 10th 2010, 4:00PM

Sep 10th 2010, 4:00PM

Trailer: Thomas Haden Church in Sam Raimi-Produced 'Zombie Roadkill'

Posted by
David Ehrlich on Sep 10th 2010, 8:02AM

Sep 10th 2010, 8:02AM

Terror Tuesday Report: Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except

Posted by
Brian Salisbury on Sep 6th 2010, 8:35AM

Sep 6th 2010, 8:35AM

What We're Watching: Night of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead, Burning Bright

Posted by
Brian Salisbury on Sep 2nd 2010, 7:45AM

Sep 2nd 2010, 7:45AM

This Week's Discs: The Evil Dead, Thriller: Complete Series and more!

Posted by
Luke Mullen on Sep 1st 2010, 1:55PM

Sep 1st 2010, 1:55PM

What We're Watching: Fright Night, D-Tox and The Evil Dead

Posted by
Luke Mullen on Aug 26th 2010, 12:15PM

Aug 26th 2010, 12:15PM

Blu-ray Review: The Evil Dead

Posted by
Brian Salisbury on Aug 26th 2010, 8:35AM

Aug 26th 2010, 8:35AM

Quentin Tarantino to Write and Direct 'The Shadow'?

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Aug 4th 2010, 9:32AM

Aug 4th 2010, 9:32AM

Moviefone Minute: What's Keeping Sam Raimi from 'Warcraft' and How to See Nolan's First Film

Posted by
Jenna Busch on Jul 21st 2010, 5:00AM

Jul 21st 2010, 5:00AM

Sam Raimi Trades a Few 'Saints for Sinners'

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Jul 20th 2010, 5:03AM

Jul 20th 2010, 5:03AM


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