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  • May 06, 2012 Michele
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    I agree with the other comments. There are so many stupid things in this movie that don\'t make any sense. The thing that bothered me the most about this movie was when Lorraine runs and gets into the car with the bag of money, she finds that the keys are not in the egnition . She panics, looks around for the keys and opens the bag of money and looks in and then Roy shoots at her. She starts up the car. Where did the keys come from all of a sudden?

  • November 27, 2011 us00000000089236
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    I agree with the other comment. There are so many stupid things in the movie that don`t make any sense.

  • November 26, 2011 gd00000000106599
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    Spoiler Alert: This is probably one of the worst files I\'ve seen in a long time. Although, the plot is believable because non of us know what would do if pushed to the extreme the film simply disappoints in the end. The big let downs: 1) During the movie the \"victim\" is locked up in the trunk of a car and there is an almost sexual grunting and groaning that takes place. This is supposed to be the victim struggling to free herself but this sounds don\'t match in moments nor do the match her actual mouth moments either. 2) During the car chase seen where the victim steals a car and chases down the abductor she finds a pump shotgun in the back set of the truck she as stolen. She proceeds to load the gun and while driving pumps a round into the chamber. Later after both automobiles have stopped she pumps the shotgun again - this means she just ejected one round - she than fires a round and pumps the shotgun again. At this point point there should only be one round left in the shotgun rather than 2. ( If you don\'t know a shotgun is supposed to contain a plug that allows the user to have 1 round in the chamber and 2 addition rounds in the magazine) In this case the excessive pumping/loading of the shotgun has resulted in the gun having 1 less round than it should have had. 3) In another seen where she is looking at a bag full of money you can clearly see a \"few\" hundred dollars on top with vanilla colored envelopes underneath. 4) In show down between the victim and the abductor, the abductor fires (by my count) 7 rounds before the gun: A) runs out of rounds or B) the gun jams, either way the slide should have in case of A) been open - which is was not or in case of B) still should have been slightly open are ajar - it was neither of this. 5) After being ran over the abductor some how manages to find the gun that was clearly throw from his hands and kills a police office - seems getting ran over fix the gun problem. 6) Lastly, the victim guns down the abductor with a pistol she had taken earlier in the film which she had kept stuffed in the back of her pants - problem her is she walked around the convenience store with the gun in the same place yet nobody said anything or even commented about the gun. These are just a few of the issue I had with this move. The excessive grunting runs rampant throughout the movie and makes it almost impossible to watch. Save this movie for the never to watch list.

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