the fantastic four trailer 2015The long-awaited first teaser trailer for the reboot of "The Fantastic Four" is here, and it suggests a darker tone for the Marvel property than the previous film incarnations.

The teaser was very much in the style of Christopher Nolan -- highly reminiscent of teasers for "Interstellar" -- with an ominous voice warning, "Human beings have an immeasurable desire to discover ... [But] with every new discovery there is risk," as images flash of Reed Richards (Miles Teller) in a high-tech lab, Sue Storm (Kate Mara) working in front of a bank of computer terminals, and some kind of ship preparing to take off.

Along with Teller and Mara, there are brief glimpses of Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell displaying the superpowers they gain after some kind of experiment/space flight seems to go wrong.

From the teaser, it looks like Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" will sit seamlessly beside other Marvel films -- at least aesthetically. The movie opens in theaters on Aug. 7.