How top secret is "American Horror Story: Hotel"? The actors haven't told their families what to expect when the latest installment debuts this October.

Moviefone caught up with Cheyenne Jackson June 7 at the Actors Fund Tony Awards viewing party, where the actor serenaded honoree Alfred Molina with a performance of Elton John's "Your Song."

So can we expect Jackson to sing on "AHS: Hotel" as well? "I can't say. It's so top, top secret. Literally, not even my mom knows," he said. "I know it's set in a hotel and I know who's in the cast and I know it's scary and amazing. And that's all I know."

The cast, by the way, includes Lady Gaga in her her first TV role (she briefly appeared in "Machete Kills"), as well as Matt Bomer and Max Greenfield ("New Girl") and previous "AHS" stars Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Chloe Sevigny, and Wes Bentley.

Jackson hadn't even gotten a script yet: Filming starts in about two weeks. "As much as all of us are saying, 'I want to read it!' You've gotta just trust that [Ryan Murphy] knows what he's doing."

How did Jackson land the part? "[Murphy] asked me," he said simply. Jackson previously worked with Murphy on "Glee," where he played Dustin Goolsby, the coach of rival singing group "Vocal Adrenaline" on the second season of the Fox show.

He's eager to get to work on the fifth "AHS" installment: "I've cleared everything because 'American Horror Story' is going to take up all my time for the next eight months, except for a couple of concerts here and there."

Has he met Lady Gaga yet? "No, I haven't, but I saw her and Tony Bennett at the Hollywood Bowl. She was amazing. She's legit, she's the real deal."

What does he expect from "AHS: Hotel"? 'I've stopped hoping and dreaming and wishing because I know anything I think of will never be as good as what [Murphy] comes up with," he smiled.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" is set to premiere some time in October 2015 on FX.