2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards - ArrivalsWith a brand-new Spider-Man comes a brand-new Aunt May.

Variety reports that Sony and Marvel are in final negotiations with Oscar winner Marisa Tomei to play aunt to Tom Holland's Peter Parker. The deal is not done, nor are the details confirmed, but should Tomei sign on, she'd star in the first standalone "Spider-Man" movie due in 2017.

Holland will make his first appearance as the web slinger in "Captain America: Civil War," which hits theaters next May.

Aunt May has always been a key character in Spider-Man lore. She and Uncle Ben are Peter's guardians, though she becomes his sole parental figure after Ben's death. In the "Amazing Spider-Man" movies, starring Andrew Garfield, Aunt May was played by Sally Field.

Tomei, who is 50, is the youngest actress to play Aunt May, but Sony and Marvel deliberately chose a much younger actor in Holland as Spider-Man. The rumor mill indicates that the companies, which are collaborating on the project, wanted to write a high school-set storyline for the next movie in the franchise.

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