*Warning: BB17 spoilers ahead from the live feeds.*

UPDATE 3: The twins changed their minds (collective mind?) and decided Julia should be evicted and Liz should stay. That's how the vote went on Thursday. Julia figures Liz still has a chance to win, whereas Julia would be playing for second place at best. Poor JuJu. It means Steve's HOH plan went way out the window and he lost the person he could've dumped last week. But with Julia out of the game and a final five of Vanessa, Austin, Steve, Liz and Johnny Mac, it's anyone's game to win. Vanessa has the strongest arguments to make, and JMac is probably most popular with the jury, but they all have a shot. If Julia stayed, she'd be the "goat" that couldn't win in any scenario.

Who can realistically get to the end and win? Johnny Mac has a good shot of making final two at this point, especially if Liztin is eventually broken up. He's not as big a threat to win as Vanessa and the houseguests may think he has less of a shot than Steve (who was considered a threat from day one just for being a fan who looks like Ian Terry). Steve is in trouble next week, since he's an easy target for Liztin if either Austin or Liz wins HOH, plus Austin and Johnny Mac have some side deal, and Vanessa has deals with everyone. The house is onto Vanessa, though, so that could be Steve's saving grace, if John doesn't win the next HOH. Since John isn't even anyone's target anymore, he may just throw that comp too. At this point, POV is most important for safety. Steve may need it, but Vanessa will be gunning hard for it, too, even if she also wins HOH.

UPDATE 2: Steve already knew he would replace POV winner Austin with Julia, it was just a matter of which twin would be the September 10 eviction target: Julia or Liz? The house, for whatever reason, has decided to leave the decision to the sisters. They seem to be leaning toward Liz as the target, since Julia has a better chance of at least getting to the end and making $50,000 as the runner-up. It's not decided yet, but the voters are Austin, Johnny and Vanessa, so it'll ultimately be their call. Austin will vote to keep Liz. Johnny and Vanessa could go either way, but it's smarter to evict Liz, since she's the glue between Austin and Julia and the best of the three at winning comps. By the way, all the animosity from Austin's POV win has already waned. Austin and Liz are back to saying "I love you" (barf) and Austin and Vanessa are getting along again. No more drama. (Sad face.) Poor Steve is now the target of the remaining Austwins members, which is bad for him -- but good for Johnny Mac, who has managed to stay out of all the drama by never winning an HOH and not winning a POV since Steve's last HOH run.

UPDATE 1: During Saturday's comp, Austin won the Power of Veto. Bye bye, Liztin. He's going to save himself on Monday, when they hold the POV ceremony. So HOH Steve will most likely replace him with Julia, ensuring that Liz goes to jury ... unless Austin, Johnny and Vanessa save Liz and evict Julia. Sadly, that is already being entertained as an option. (Side note: Johnny wanted Meg out and now Julia -- does he want to remove all "goat" options so everyone wants to take him to the end, then he argues to the jury that he fought hard the whole game and should win?) Liz is not happy about Austin saving himself at her expense. Yeah, it's just a game, but he can't pretend to be her knight in shining armor when he's leaving "his" twins on the block. He said he didn't care about the game, he just cared about Liz, but actions speak louder than words. Then again, if Liz stays this week, and Julia goes, Liztin will probably just reunite and stay together. One new thing to come out of this is that Austin and Vanessa have openly turned against each other (for now). Directly after winning Veto, Austin started trying to win over Johnny and Steve to get Vanessa on the block as the replacement nominee instead of Julia (never gonna happen). Meanwhile, Vanessa started telling Julia she has so much information on Austin and wants to blow up his game. This should be fun to watch play out. At the very least it'll keep things amusing in the house until the Thursday, September 10 eviction.

Original post:

He may not be the hero "Big Brother 17" wants or deserves -- especially with that teddy bear he's now carrying around -- but Steve Moses is the hero of BB17 Week 11. Because he is the new Head of Household and he just nominated Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan for eviction. Yes, he's finally taking on the Austwins alliance of Austin/Liz/Julia. So maybe take a break from your bashing of Steve for not flipping the house for Meg and recognize that he's aiming for something better than a Julia eviction: He wants the heads of Liztin. And we're here for it!

Julia and Liz are currently cursing Steve to high heaven, since he didn't put up Johnny Mac. So Steve haters may still be happy next week if they take him out. But for now, Steve is running the show. Which is to say, Vanessa Rousso is running the show. Vanessa got the deed to the BB17 house and she's not giving it up to anyone.

Even if Austin or Liz comes down in the Power of Veto competition, Julia is most likely to go up, ensuring that the remaining Austin showmance member goes home. The only thing that could save the entire threesome is if Julia wins POV (again) and takes down Liz. Then Steve would have to put up Vanessa or Johnny, and Liz and Julia would decide who goes home. It would be great to see Steve turn on Vanessa, but -- at this point -- breaking up that powerful Austin/Liz/Julia threesome is more pressing.

The POV comp will be held Saturday afternoon/evening and that should tell us which member of Liztin is most likely to join the jury house. How awkward that will be for them.

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