It's been eight years for viewers and a career lifetime for Amy Adams since "Enchanted" made Disney magic in 2007. There's been talk of a sequel for a while now, but not much solid intel. However, Collider recently shared some cool details on what is apparently not just being called "Enchanted 2."

Here's their scoop:

We've heard rumblings over the years of minimal movement on Enchanted 2, but now sources tell us that the project is seriously heating up over at the Mouse House. Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) remains attached to direct, and the studio is now in the process of punching up the script with the hopes that it will be in greenlight-ready shape very soon. What's more, we know the current working title: Disenchanted."

"Disenchanted"! That could be interesting. Collider added that it's not clear which actors might be returning for the sequel. Could it ever work without Amy Adams? She has shown interest in the past, but her career and family life have changed a lot in the ensuing years, so the timing may be tricky. But, as one commenter noted, the 10th anniversary of the original is coming up in 2017, so it would be great if they can make the movie in 2016 and release it in the following year. Maybe?

Speaking of amazing Amy, though, at the end of 2014, Ms. Adams told Moviefone that little girls still come up to her and recognize her as Giselle. We asked her why Disney hasn't done another "Enchanted" yet. Amy answered:

I don't know. Maybe because it's a perfect standalone movie. Do you know what I mean? It has a great beginning, a great middle, and a great end. I watched it recently, because I typically don't watch my work a lot, and I thought, I really like that movie. It was nice to revisit that work and have really positive feelings about it. But I think it works so well. Maybe."

Moviefone noted that Disney is pretty good at making sequels, and Amy quipped, "Well, it will have to be called 'Decrepit' if they wait too long." Maybe that's the fallback title if they don't stick with "Disenchanted."

Are you excited to hear that fairy dust is finally being sprinkled on this sequel?

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