hocus pocus, hocus pocus cast, vinessa shaw, thora birchNot a Halloween goes by without fans clamoring for a sequel to beloved cult classic "Hocus Pocus," which turns 22 this year. And while a follow-up seems about as dead as the Sanderson Sisters at the end of the flick, there are still plenty of new memories for the movie's cast to share.

In an interview with E! News, three members of the 1993 film's ensemble offered up their recollections about their time on set, ranging from the real-life friendliness of the women playing the witches to their amazement at the film's continuing popularity all these years later. Vinessa Shaw, who played Allison, the love interest of Max (Omri Katz), told E! that she and Thora Birch (who played Max's little sister, Dani) had tons of fun on the Disney lot, running around and singing songs, and getting into trouble with the young stars of "Home Improvement," which was shooting nearby.

"I'd talk with Sarah Jessica Parker and she'd ask me if I really loved what I did as an actress," Shaw, who was 16 at the time of filming, told E!. "She'd say 'It's a wonderful job if you love it.' So, she was just very sweet and curious and made me feel really comfortable."

For her part, Birch told E! that one of the most memorable moments of filming for her was dealing with both the real and fake versions of the film's anthropomorphic cat, Benjamin. "You never knew what would happen," Birch recalled of working with both live an animatronic felines.

Doug Jones, who played Billy (the zombie with his mouth sewn shut), compared "Hocus Pocus" to another classic film.

"It's become 'The Wizard of Oz' for Halloween," Jones told E!. "I had no idea that we'd have kids outside of our original audience becoming fans in 2015, but it has been such a sweet blessing."

Shaw agreed.

"I don't think any of us had any idea of the magnitude of how popular it would be 'til this day," the actress said. "It just goes to show that when you are young you watch things over and over again and it gets in your head, and just sticks."

For more from the cast, check out the full interview over at E!.

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