UPDATE: Alas, they were not working on a Netflix revival. However, the stars did reveal they had gathered to shoot a new nearly 10-minute "Will & Grace" minisode for the 2016 election:

Original post:

Oh, honey, grab a martini and let's toast this perfect surprise from the cast of "Will & Grace"!

The four stars of NBC's eight-season (1998-2006) sitcom -- Eric McCormack (Will Truman), Debra Messing (Grace Adler), Queen Megan Mullally (Karen Walker), and Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland) -- recently reunited, then shared appropriately innuendo-laden photos on social media.

But didn't just look like a casual reunion. It almost looked like ... a return?

Here are some pics shared by the fab four, plus commentary from Megan's hubby Nick Offerman and fans like Tituss Burgess, hoping that this means good things ahead ... like at least six episodes on Netflix.

Yes. Yes! What does this MEAN? Considering the set location and that script in Eric's hand, it suggests more than just a casual hangout. Netflix, are you on this?

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