[SPOILERS: If you haven't seen the trailer yet for "Arrival," or the movie, this interview reveals a key element to the plot. Stop reading now if you do not want to be spoiled.]

"Arrival" is about as great as movies get -- especially if you listen to the critics.

It's also an emotionally powerful film, one that's impact star Amy Adams felt while filming it. The Oscar-nominated actor plays Dr. Louise Banks, an expert linguist struggling with grief prior to an alien species' attempt at first contact with humanity. Her job is to do that which most sci-fi films gloss over or wave away with technobabble-y exposition: she must find a way to communicate with the aliens without the help of a universal translator.In the course of doing so, Banks is confronted with significant hurtles and ticking clocks as the world finds itself on the brink of potential war with either itself or the visitors. (So, it's a comedy, clearly.) Moviefone recently sat down with Adams and found out what her hardest scene was in the film, and how it was one that hit close to home.

"Arrival" hits theaters this Friday.