"Twin Peaks" fans have the cult series' long-awaited third season to look forward to when it debuts on Showtime in 2017, but in the meantime, the premium network is offering a special holiday surprise.

Starting Dec. 26, Showtime will make the entire original series available to subscribers on the network's streaming service, Showtime On Demand, and Showtime Anywhere. Fans, old and new, will be able to binge to their hearts' content leading up to the new series. Who knows? The mystery of homecoming queen Laura Palmer's murder may be the perfect antidote to too much holiday cheer.

The first two seasons of "Twin Peaks" aired between 1990 and 1991. ABC put the series on hiatus before ultimately canceling it, but not before "Twin Peaks" managed to build up a loyal fan base that has only grown in the 25 years since. Now that a third season is finally becoming a reality, the show is bringing back many of its original cast and crew, including Kyle MacLachlan, who played FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, and creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.

The series will head back its strange Washington town -- the fictional Twin Peaks, of course -- in the episodes to come. Thanks to Showtime (not to mention the painful two-and-a-half-decade wait), fans will be ready.

[via: Deadline]