74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsIt's always embarrassing when television personalities flub the name of a nominated film during red carpet interviews at awards shows. But when the same mistake is made during the telecast itself, it's not just embarrassing, it's also pretty offensive, too.

That was the case during Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards when both Jenna Bush Hager and Michael Keaton accidentally called "Hidden Figures" -- a film about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race years -- "Hidden Fences," confusing the flick with another nominated film with a predominantly African-American cast, "Fences." Bush Hager made her gaffe while interviewing Pharrell before show began, asking him about his best original song nomination for "Hidden Fences." The musician didn't correct the TV personality, but it was clear from his raised eyebrows and stony expression that the flub didn't go unnoticed, either.

Bush Hager was roasted on social media for the error (she later issued an apology, which was accepted by Pharrell and members of the "Hidden Figures" cast), but sadly, it wasn't the last time someone mixed up the movies on Sunday. Later, while presenting the award for best supporting actress during the awards broadcast, Keaton made the same error, calling "Hidden Figures" "Hidden Fences" while reading the name of nominee Octavia Spencer.

The New York Times diplomatically notes that Keaton may have been making a joke about Bush Hager's earlier flub ("Since the camera was focused on the actresses, it's unclear if Mr. Keaton said it with a wink and a nod," the NYT reports), but either way, Twitter users weren't pleased with the repeated mix-up. Some made jokes, but others wondered if Bush Hager and Keaton truly understood the difference between the two films.

Here's hoping that both red carpet personalities and awards presenters alike make sure they brush up on the names of both films before next month's Oscars telecast.

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