Andrew Garfield is a kissing bandit on the loose in Hollywood. He's walking around with invisible mistletoe above his head, and two lucky guys have benefited in the past few days: First Ryan Reynolds, and now Stephen Colbert.

Garfield was on "The Late Show" with Colbert last night, and he explained why he planted one on the "Deadpool" star during Sunday's 2017 Golden Globe Awards, after they both lost their category to Ryan Gosling.

First, watch the beautiful moment play out:

Here's Garfield's explanation:

"I just wanted Ryan to know I loved him no matter whether he won or lost. I just wanted him to know that it doesn't matter. It's how you play the game. He showed up and gave his all. It doesn't change anything in my heart."

Colbert asked if the actor was comfortable kissing other men, and Garfield demonstrated that he was by smooching Colbert.

Here's that kiss, plus a lot more from the very lovable actor:The audience loved it, and apparently so did the late night host:

"What were we talking about? So you're a very gentle lover, I'll start with that..."

Who's next? Perhaps Andrew Garfield should go full Spider-Man and kiss Tobey Maguire upside-down in the rain.

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