Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - ArrivalsIt looks like "Wonder Woman" was as fun to film as it is to watch.

On Saturday, actress Gal Gadot shared a blooper reel with fans, posting it on Twitter alongside a message that highlighted how much she loved working on the superhero flick. She also revealed the nickname she earned from her co-star Chris Pine, and the short video shows it was completely fitting. The actor called her "Giggle Gadot" because of her apparent tendency to dissolve into laughter when scenes took an unexpected turns.

"Chris's nickname for me was giggle Gadot. @PattyJenks & I could communicate with no words," she wrote, referencing specific outtakes in the reel. "I enjoyed filming every second of the movie."

Gadot might not have been able to keep her composure when faced with a door mishap or a broken ice cream cone, but that clearly wasn't a problem. She is set to star in the blockbuster's upcoming sequel, which Patty Jenkins is returning to direct. We can't wait for "Wonder Woman 2" to bring us more of Giggle Gadot.

[via: Gal Gadot/Twitter]