Tina Fey may have just inadvertently pitched the greatest television show ever, merging two beloved NBC comedies starring badass female characters. Now if only someone could convince her to actually make it a reality.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the Tonys red carpet on Sunday night, where Fey was supporting her nominated adaptation of "Mean Girls," she was asked about those never-ending rumors of a "30 Rock" reboot. Though the writer-actress admitted earlier this year that she had been mulling the idea, she also made it clear that such a revival was not currently in the works.

When the subject was broached again on Sunday, Fey said "we're nowhere" with regards to news of a "30 Rock" reboot. But instead, she offered fans an even better suggestion.

"Amy's willing to do a 'Parks & Rec' reboot," Fey told ET of her longtime pal and frequent costar, Amy Poehler. "Maybe we should just do a Liz Lemon-Leslie Knope spinoff."

Excuse us while we high five a million angels and eat some celebratory waffles.

Poehler sparked "Parks and Recreation" reboot rumors last month when she said she would definitely be on board for a revival sometime down the road. And seeing Leslie and Fey's "30 Rock" heroine team up on their own show is quite possibly the best bit of fan fiction wish fulfillment we could ever hope for.

Obviously, Fey was just joking around, but if anyone can make this happen, and make it believable and hilarious and wonderful, it's our favorite celebrity BFFs. We'll keep our fingers crossed and light some Li'l Sebastian prayer candles.

[via: Entertainment Tonight]