Pantoms 'Lay With Me' ft. Vanessa Hudgens music video still


Vanessa Hudgens is still a Wildcat at heart.

The actress-slash-singer is featured on EDM duo Phantoms' track "Lay With Me," and when it came time to make the music video, she embraced her "High School Musical" past. Hudgens, alongside Phantoms, loosely recreated a scene from the 2006 Disney Channel movie, one in which her character, Gabriella Montez, performs a duet in front of her school.

Just like she does in the memorable "HSM" scene, Hudgens wears a lab coat and looks shy at the start of the music video. Then, as the song goes on, she appears to become more comfortable. Before you know it, she's pulling a Gabriella and shedding her coat so she can really dance. That's where things start to get less Disney, and by the end, she's breaking things on the stage.

Watch the music video below.

Hudgens previously hinted in a Bustle interview that the "Lay With Me" music video would be "very nostalgic" and that her fans would "freak out." She definitely wasn't kidding.

[h/t: Teen Vogue]