M. Night Shyamalan’s "Glass" was, unsurprisingly, the number one movie this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, earning $40 million over the weekend and an estimated four-day total of $47 million.

That's a solid opening, especially since it has a reported budget of only $20 million. But that's still not as spectacular as early estimates for the third film in Shyamalan's trilogy, which had four-day numbers closer to $52 million.

It's right in line with the second film in the trilogy, "Split," however, which opened January 20, 2017 with $40 million. (The number one film at the MLK box office that year, which fell on January 16, was "Hidden Figures.")

If estimates hold, "Glass" will come in behind "American Sniper" ($107 million) and "Ride Along" ($48 million) as the third-best debut for both January and MLK holiday weekend.

Critics gave it a measly 36% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences gave it a much higher 78% rating. "Split" earned a similar audience rating, but also pleased more critics with a 76% score.


Meanwhile, last week's number one film, "The Upside," saw a surprisingly strong second weekend. It added another $15.67 million over the three-day frame and an estimated $19.5 million for the four-day weekend.

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When the final numbers come in for Monday, Japanese anime film "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," could surpass"Aquaman" for third place. The fantasy film racked up an impressive $7 million debut on Wednesday and is expected to bring in around $10 million over the four-day holiday. "Broly," the 20th film in the "Dragon Ball" series, has earned $50 million internationally.

Here are the top 10 estimates for January 18-20, 2019

1. "Glass," $40,586,000
2. "The Upside," $15,670,000
3. "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," $10,652,565
4. "Aquaman,"  $10,330,000
5. "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," $7,255,000
6. "A Dog’s Way Home," $7,110,000
7. "Escape Room," $5,275,000
8. "Mary Poppins Returns," $5,244,000
9. "Bumblebee," $4,660,000
10. "On the Basis of Sex," $3,965,000

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