A private detective's work gets personal in the official trailer for "Motherless Brooklyn."

Warner Bros. Pictures released the preview Thursday, and it shows off a film that Edward Norton wrote, directed, produced, and stars in. He plays a lonely man with Tourette Syndrome whose mentor and only friend is murdered. Norton leads a star-studded cast that includes Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alec Baldwin, and Willem Dafoe, among others.

The trailer shows how Lionel Essrog (Norton) became a private detective with the help of Frank Minna (Willis). When his mentor is murdered, Lionel sets out to find out who killed him and to "make 'em regret it."

"There's something going down, and it's big," Lionel says in the trailer. "And they were not happy about what he found."

Of course, we don't find out exactly what Frank knew; the preview leaves us with mystery and intrigue. Watch below.

"Motherless Brooklyn" is due out Nov. 1.