Adult Swim

"Samurai Jack" creator Genndy Tartakovsky is returning to Adult Swim with a new animated series, the prehistoric tale "Primal."

Tartakovsky, who also oversees the "Hotel Transylvania" film franchise, is doing something very different and unique with "Primal." The show has no dialogue, instead relying on graphic imagery and fundamental themes such as hunger and disease to carry the story.

The show takes place in a violent, primordial world ruled by survival of the fittest. In this unpredictable and unforgiving setting, a prehistoric man is left alone when he tragically losses his family at the same time a nearby T-Rex loses hers. Against their baser instincts the two forge and unlikely bond in the harsh and lonely world.

"Primal" will premiere on Adult Swim on October 7 and then air two episodes a night for five nights, through October 11.