Alberto Grimaldi

Born in March 28th, 1925

From Napoli, Italy

Alberto Grimaldi Biography

Alberto Grimaldi is an Italian film producer.  Grimaldi is credited with producing some of the most famous films in film history including "For A Few Dollars More" in 1965, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in 1966, Last Tango in Paris in 1972 and Gangs of New York in 2002.

Alberto Grimaldi Movies

Gangs of New York Poster
December 9, 2002
1900 Poster
June 1, 1991
Ginger and Fred Poster
March 5, 1986
Arabian Nights Poster
July 27, 1980
Lovers and Liars Poster
January 1, 1980
The Canterbury Tales Poster
December 19, 1979
Fellini's Casanova Poster
December 20, 1976

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