Alfred J. Goulding

Born in January 26th, 1885

From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alfred J. Goulding Biography

Former vaudevillian. Directed Harold Lloyd comedies for Hal Roach. In the early 20's, joined Mack Sennett, then turned out two-reel comedies at RKO and Columbia, sometimes featuring Edgar Kennedy. In England after World War II, directing 'quota quickies'. Close friend of Stan Laurel.

Alfred J. Goulding Filmography

Utopia Poster
December 14, 1954
A Chump at Oxford Poster
December 31, 1939
His Bridal Sweet Poster
March 14, 1935
An Old Spanish Onion Poster
March 1, 1935
Wrongorilla Poster
March 4, 1933
Hey, Pop! Poster
November 12, 1932
Tip Tap Toe Poster
October 21, 1932