• Ann  Sothern

    Ann Sothern

    Born on January 22nd, 1909

    From Valley City, North Dakota, USA


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The Whales of August Poster

The Whales of August

Two elderly sisters, Libby Strong (Bette Davis) and Sarah Webber (Lillian Gish), travel to their summer house in Maine. The pair couldn't be less similar: Libby is blind, cynical and mean-spirited; Sarah is sunny, optimistic and healthy. Yet their shared memories and hardships -- especially the deaths of their husbands -- help bind the two together. Still, the entrance of a local fisherman (Vincent Price) into Sarah's life threatens to reopen old wounds.

Actress in a Supporting Role
The Best Man Poster

The Best Man

Secretary of State William Russell (Henry Fonda) lives by his principles, but is haunted by a recent sexual indiscretion that threatens both his marriage and his career. Senator Joe Cantwell (Cliff Robertson) presents himself as the people's candidate, yet his determination to win at all costs is also his great flaw. These two frontrunners for their party's presidential nomination vie for the support of the outgoing president (Lee Tracy), and resort to mudslinging in a very public contest.

Golden Globe (1965)
Best Supporting Actress
Golden Globe (1965)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Golden Globe (1959)
Television Achievement