Azazel Jacobs

Born in January 1st, 1972

From Manhattan, New York, Stato di New York, Stati Uniti

Azazel Jacobs Biography

Azazel Jacobs is an American film director and screenwriter. He is the son of experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs. His short films include Kirk and Kerry and Message Machine, and his features include the acclaimed Momma's Man, Terri, The Lovers, and French Exit.

Azazel Jacobs Filmography

French Exit Poster
February 12, 2021
The Lovers Poster
May 5, 2017
Terri Poster
July 1, 2011
Momma's Man Poster
January 18, 2008
The GoodTimesKid Poster
November 12, 2005
Nobody Needs to Know Poster
January 1, 2003
Danger 44 Poster
June 25, 1999