Carl Theodor Dreyer

Born in February 3rd, 1889

From Copenhagen, Denmark

Carl Theodor Dreyer Biography

Carl Theodor Dreyer (3 February 1889 – 20 March 1968), commonly known as Carl Th. Dreyer, was a Danish film director. He is regarded by many critics and filmmakers as one of the greatest directors in cinema. His best known films include The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), Vampyr (1932), Day of Wrath (1943), Ordet (1955), and Gertrud (1964). Dreyer was born illegitimate in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His birth mother was an unmarried Scanian maid named Josefine Bernhardine Nilsson, and he was put up for adoption by his birth father, Jens Christian Torp, a married Danish farmer living in Sweden who was his mother's employer. He spent the first two years of his life in orphanages until his adoption by a typographer named Carl Theodor Dreyer, and his wife, Inger Marie (née Olsen).

He was named after his adoptive father, but in accordance with Danish practice, there is no "Senior" or "Junior" added to their names to distinguish them from each other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Carl Theodor Dreyer Filmography

Medea Poster
January 1, 1988
Ordet Poster
December 15, 1957
Day of Wrath Poster
April 24, 1948
Vampyr Poster
August 14, 1934
Leaves from Satan's Book Poster
January 24, 1920
Lay Down Your Arms! Poster
August 14, 1914