Carlos Savage

Born in May 20th, 1919

From Ciudad de México, México

Carlos Savage Biography

Carlos Savage Suárez (Mexico City, May 20, 1919 - September 29, 2000) was a Mexican film editor and actor. Carlos Savage entered the México Films studios as an assistant to his uncle José Marino, who was an editor. Later at the Estudios Nacional he was head of the synchronic court and by 1938 with the film La rosa de Xochimilco he became editor.

From now on, and until 1995, he would participate in the editing of more than a thousand feature films, short films and documentaries. He was an active collaborator of Luis Buñuel.

Carlos Savage Movies

Midaq Alley Poster
March 6, 1998
Blastfighter Poster
October 31, 1985
Fando and Lis Poster
February 2, 1970
Shark Poster
October 8, 1969
The Big Cube Poster
April 30, 1969
Simon of the Desert Poster
February 10, 1969
The Exterminating Angel Poster
September 10, 1963
The Young One Poster
January 18, 1961

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