Chris Benchetler

Born in November 13th, 1986

Chris Benchetler Biography

Often copied but never replicated. Chris Benchetler’s unmatched ability to scope terrain, slay lines and send huge airs make him a master of powder skiing. Whether connecting countless pillow, buttering slashes on snow waves or sending big tricks off huge step downs, Chris’s skiing is the envy of all skiers. A history in Park skiing and an addiction to shredding powder have shaped him into one of the most progressive backcountry skiers of all time.

But it’s not only his skiing what makes him stand out. He’s one of the founding members of the legendary Nimbus Independent crew, who also changed the approach on movies for ever. With his widespread involvement in product design and technology projects - first and foremost his pro model skis – he’s definitely one of the most influential skiers today.

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Chris Benchetler Filmography

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