Daisuke Gori

Born in February 8th, 1952

From Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan

Daisuke Gori Biography

Daisuke Gouri (February 8, 1952 - January 17, 2010) was a Japanese voice actor. He was affiliated with Ezaki Productions during his early career and was last affiliated with Aoni Production. He was also known under his real and former stagename Yoshio Nagahori.

Daisuke Gori Movies

Daisuke Gori TV Shows

Dragon Ball Z Poster
April 26, 1989
Dragon Ball GT Poster
February 7, 1996
Bleach Poster
October 5, 2004
Cowboy Bebop Poster
April 3, 1998
April 2, 1998
Fist of the North Star Poster
October 11, 1984

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