• Debra  Winger

    Debra Winger

    Born on May 16th, 1955

    From Cleveland Heights, Ohio


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Dawn Anna Poster

Dawn Anna

Unemployed single mother Dawn Anna Townsend (Debra Winger) is struggling to support her four kids, but catches a break when she's hired as a teacher and then meets and falls for kindhearted Bink (Alex Van). However, her lucks turns bad when it is discovered that she has a brain tumor and must face a difficult operation to have it removed. After her surgery, Dawn Anna makes a slow recovery and settles into family life with Bink and her kids -- but there is more tragedy and heartache still ahead.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
A Dangerous Woman Poster

A Dangerous Woman

Martha Horgan (Debra Winger) is a withdrawn, mentally disabled woman who lives with her aunt, Frances (Barbara Hershey). One of Martha's unusual traits is that she doesn't lie, a quality that leads to her getting fired from a dry-cleaning shop thanks to the actions of the shifty Getso (David Strathairn). Conflict seems to follow Martha, since she also becomes romantically involved with local fix-it man, Mackey (Gabriel Byrne), who is sleeping with Frances as well.

Golden Globe (1994)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Urban Cowboy Poster

Urban Cowboy

After moving to Pasadena, Texas, country boy Bud Davis (John Travolta) starts hanging around a bar called Gilley's, where he falls in love with Sissy (Debra Winger), a cowgirl who believes the sexes are equal. They eventually marry, but their relationship is turbulent due to Bud's traditional view of gender roles. Jealousy over his rival, Wes (Scott Glenn), leads to their separation, but Bud attempts to win Sissy back by triumphing at Gilley's mechanical bull-riding competition.

Golden Globe (1981)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1980)
Most Outstanding Newcomer to Leading Film Roles