Evgeny Shelyakin

Born in September 18th, 1976

From Krasnodar, USSR (Russia)

Evgeny Shelyakin Biography

Evgeny Vladimirovich Shelyakin (born 18 September, 1976; Krasnodar) is a Russian filmmaker, screenwriter, tv writer/director/producer and actor. Born and raised in Krasnodar. As a child, he went to a theater studio, independently came up with performances, and at school I created my own show group. Yevgeny received his first professional education as an electrical engineer.

In 1998, Shelyakin graduated from the Krasnodar law Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia with the qualification "lawyer" and worked as an investigator in the police for 4 years. At the same time, Yevgeny Shelyakin became interested in KVN. In 1995-1998, he was the captain of the KVN team "The Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" and played in the Krasnodar city League and for the city's national team.

Later, he became the captain of the Kuban Cossacks team, which reached the semifinals of the KVN Higher League in 1999. In 2008, he graduated from VGIK with a degree in feature film Directing in the workshop of Valery Akhadov, where he currently conducts teaching activities. On television, Shelyakin worked as a screenwriter and director in entertainment programs, and also wrote scripts for TV series, including Afromoskvich and Happy Together.

As an employee of the script department of Channel One, he worked on "New year's lights", which later turned into"Olivier Show". As a writer and director, he participated in the creation of the popular projects "Projectorperishilton", "Yesterday Live", and the animated animated show-parody "Cartoon Personality". On these projects, Yevgeny Shelyakin worked not only in the studio, but also directed on-site shooting of clips, sketches, and parodies of trailers.

In 2008, he made a short film "Freud's Dolls", and the film "B/W" became his directorial debut in full meter. Yevgeny Shelyakin's work was highly appreciated by the famous Russian film reviewer Yevgeny Bazhenov, who called him one of his favorite directors and starred in his film "Friday" as a cameo.