George Winslow

Born in May 3rd, 1946

From Los Angeles, California, USA

George Winslow Biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George "Foghorn" Winslow (May 3, 1946 – June 13, 2015), born George Karl Wentzlaff, was an American child actor of the 1950s known for his stentorian voice and deadpan demeanor. He appeared in several films, some opposite such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis.

In the late 1950s, he retired from acting. Nicknamed "Foghorn" for his raspy voice as a slender child with dark blond hair and deep blue eyes, Wentzlaff, a Los Angeles native, broke into the entertainment business on Art Linkletter's family-oriented radio program, People are Funny. Asked his name by Linkletter, the youngster said: "George Wentzlaff, but I'd rather be Casey Jones", with a delivery that cracked up Linkletter and the audience.

Cary Grant, who heard the show and was impressed with Wentzlaff's unusual voice and comedy instincts, introduced him to director Norman Taurog, leading to his roles in Grant's films, Room for One More (1952) and Monkey Business (also 1952), which co-stars Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, making her first movie appearance with platinum-blond hair.

Next up was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), in which Wentzlaff — playing Henry Spofford III, Monroe's young admirer — stole scenes from the actress, including his line about her possessing a "certain animal magnetism". In the comedy Mister Scoutmaster (1953), he traded barbs with Clifton Webb, and he had a small role in the musical comedy Artists and Models (1955), with Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Dorothy Malone and newcomer Shirley MacLaine in what Aurora called Wentzlaff's "last 'good' movie.

". By the age of 12, Winslow retired from the screen.

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George Winslow Filmography

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