Gilles De Schryver

Born in December 12th, 1984

Gilles De Schryver Biography

Gilles De Schryver (December 12, 1984) is a Belgian film, TV and theater actor, writer and producer. Graduated in 2009 as a master in drama at the Hogeschool Gent Conservatorium. Is perfectly bilingual (Dutch and French). He played in French-language productions for the Théâtre National and the Royal Mint Theater. The Schryver was until 2016 together with Yahya Terryn artistic director of the Ghent theater company 'the KIP', for which he played, wrote and directed.

In the KIP productions he was shown inside and outside Europe in Dutch, English and French. Since the reopening of the KIP in 2017, De Schryver is once again a freelance theater maker and player. He also writes and produces film and television through his production house De Wereldvrede, which he runs with director Gilles Coulier. He was, for example, a producer of, among others, the Bevergem success series and the Cargo film.

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