Harald Reinl

Born in July 9th, 1908

From Bad Ischl, Austira

Harald Reinl Biography

Harald Reinl was an Austrian film screenwriter and director. He is known for the movies he made based on Edgar Wallace and Karl May books. His first movie as director was the mountain film ''Mountain Crystal'' (1949). Harald Reinl was stabbed to death by Daniela Maria Delis, his third wife and a former actress.

Harald Reinl Movies

Chariots of the Gods Poster
February 27, 1974
Cry of the Black Wolves Poster
October 4, 1972
The Valley of Death Poster
January 1, 1969
The Sinister Monk Poster
December 17, 1965
Apache Gold Poster
May 1, 1965
The Invisible Dr. Mabuse Poster
January 1, 1965
The Return of Dr Mabuse Poster
January 1, 1961

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