Helen Wood

Born in June 4th, 1917

From Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

Helen Wood Biography

Helen Wood is an American actress born on June 4, 1917 in Clarksville, Tennessee (USA) and died on February 8, 1988 in Burbank, California (United States). From Wikipedia (fr), the free encyclopedia

Helen Wood Filmography

The Pilgrimage Play Poster
December 12, 1949
Sorority House Poster
May 5, 1939
Almost a Gentleman Poster
March 31, 1939
Crack-Up Poster
December 14, 1936
Can This Be Dixie? Poster
November 13, 1936
Sing, Baby, Sing Poster
August 21, 1936
High Tension Poster
July 10, 1936