Helena Law Lan

Born in November 13th, 1934

From Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,China

Helena Law Lan Biography

Born Yin Ying Lo in Guangdong, China, Helena began acting as a teenager in the early 1950s and took the stage name Law Lan after actress Sophia Loren ("Law Lan" being the Cantonese pronunciation of Loren's last name). She would go on to become one of the most prolific actresses in the world, amassing well over 500 film and TV acting credits to date.

Though she's adaptable to any genre, in later years she carved a niche out for herself in horror films, including the seemingly-endless Troublesome Night series.

Helena Law Lan Movies

Helena Law Lan TV Shows

Witness to a Prosecution Poster
December 20, 1999
Gods of Honour Poster
July 23, 2001
Armed Reaction Poster
July 6, 1998
Kung Fu Soccer Poster
December 6, 2004
State of Divinity Poster
June 24, 1996

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