Ilka Zafirova

Born in April 8th, 1941

From Sofia, Bulgaria

Ilka Zafirova Biography

Ilka Zafirova was born on April 8, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated in "acting" in National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of Professor Moise Beniesh in 1966 and the same year she joined the Drama Theatre in Veliko Tarnovo . In1968-1969, she was in the troupe of Plovdiv Drama Theater. Twice, in 1970-1971 and in 1974-1975, she played in Pazardzhik Drama Theater.

After 1977 she settled in Theatre "Sofia" until 1990, when she has passed to the troupe of the Little City Theatre "Off the Channel" . She played on stage at Theatre 199 in the performances: "An Hour Before Midnight" by Vlastimir Shoubra, director Hristo Krachmarov; "Rain" by Boris Aprilov, director Ivan Nitchev; "Crystal" by Lada Galina, director Georgi Avramov; "Shirley Valentine" by Willy Russell director Todor Kolev; "Master Class" by Terrence McNally, director Ilka Zafirova and friends; Charlotte in "Autumn Sonata" by Ingmar Bergman, director Mladen Kiselov; Nell in "Endgame" by Samuel Beckett, directed Lili Abadzhieva; "Mrs Klein" by Nicholas Wright, director Stilian Petrov /for this role she won the Theater Award "Asker", 2015 for leading actress /.

In parallel, she has many roles in the cinema, a total of 22 films, including " Wolf " and " Willful Bird Love ", directed by Rangel Valchanov; " White Room ", directed by Metodi Andonov , " Ladies Choice ", " Vampires, ghouls " and " White magic ", directed by Ivan Andonov and " Boarding for Dogs ", directed by Stephen Komandarev . She has dubbed Mrs.

Finstar in synchronous dubbing of the animated series " Big Break ." Shee has one daughter and one granddaughter.

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