James Stacy

Born in December 23rd, 1936

From Los Angeles, California, USA

James Stacy Biography

James Stacy, was an American film and television actor. He is perhaps best-known for starring in the late 1960's TV western Lancer. In 1973, Stacy was hit by a drunk driver while driving his motorcycle, resulting in the amputation of his left leg and arm and the death of his girlfriend. He returned to acting in 1975 before retiring in 1992.

James Stacy Filmography

F/X2 Poster
May 10, 1991
Matters of the Heart Poster
December 26, 1990
Double Exposure Poster
September 3, 1982
Posse Poster
June 4, 1975
Ordeal Poster
October 30, 1973
Heat of Anger Poster
March 3, 1972